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"Helmet Divers Return to Marineland of Florida"

Brass Hat Diver was honored to be asked to give dive demonstrations in Americas oldest Oceanarium "Marineland of Florida". In the past Marineland used hard hats for everything from tank cleaning to marine feeding until 1989. The park switched to scuba gear to give their workers greater freedom in the tanks.


Leon Lyons diving his rare Augustus Siebe helmet dating from around 1850.



Mike Russo and Robert Weathers tend Leon as he enters the water.


Leon Lyons taking a walk along the bottom looking for the "Creature of the Black Lagoon" which was filmed in the same tank many years before..


Leon has no luck in finding the creature, but does come across his son Kimlin. Other divers set out to find Lloyd Bridges of television's epic underwater adventure "Sea Hunt" which also used the same tank for many episodes.



Mike Russo & Robert Weathers  take turns in Roberts Morse MK-5.


Mike's checking out a  turtle as it swims past, and last of all our famous "Diver Group Shot": From left to right: Mike Russo, John Gallagan, Bob Weathers, Leon Lyons, and Kimlin Lyons.